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Mother-In-Law Day is Sunday - Send @TheBouqs #sponsored

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Whether you love her or love to hate her - with out your mother-in-law you would still be single. As it happens there is a day dedicated, officially, to mother-in-laws and it is the fourth Saturday in October also know as this Saturday.
Last week I sent myself flowers from The Bouqs. Technically, the company reached out to me to do a review and become an affiliate (legal stuff: I received a bouquet to facilitate this review and this contains affiliate links. Opinions are my own and I will only receive compensation if you purchase flowers through the links in this post) and I agreed. Who doesn’t love to get flowers?  And, I have no qualms sending them to myself, at work.

The flowers come from some Volcano in South America, on the equator, harvested by vestal virgins who carefully package them for travel, ship in cold storage at 4 degrees (to keep flowers in a sleep state), and arrive at your door. I am lying about vestal virgins. The catch is you have to order your flowers at least six working days in advance but if you need them sooner, like for mother-in-law’s day, they have farms in California that ship directly from the farm, overnight, to your doorstep for another $10 more.

LoadingDawn #BouqLove is brightening this dreary day! Thanks @thebouqs for the stunning bouquet of #roses #treatyoself #autumn colors #freshflowers View on Instagram

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